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Hearing the news of a baby's arrival is a piece of great news for parents. This journey of nine months and even after the baby is born is incredible. This is where both mother and father plan to buy essential items like toys, blankets, footwear and shop baby clothes online

The feeling of seeing your baby sleep beside you in peace cannot be replaced. This is why many mothers have been using swaddling, one of the oldest techniques, to ensure their baby is sleeping safely, securely and comfortably. 

If you have a little one at home, you must know how to make them swaddle. This will make them happy and allow them to sleep peacefully, and you can also get the benefit of sleeping more knowing your baby is at ease.

However, many parents find it challenging to find the perfect baby blanket. This is why we are here to solve your queries. 

Let's dive in now!

Muslin clothing: The best baby blanket

Ensuring your baby sleeps peacefully during their initial months is extremely important for the parents, who want the best for their babies. One material that reduces their burden and worries is a muslin swaddle blanket

Muslin blankets, which are lightweight, breathable, and adaptable, have become highly popular with parents all over Canada and the globe. It is said that the word “muslin” got its name from Mosul, the city where it was produced. 

Muslin cloth, an early type of cotton fabric, was handwoven in India and gained significant popularity through trade with European nations. Due to its soft, airy and natural qualities, parents prefer its blankets for their little ones. 

Let's explore its advantages.

Benefits of muslin swaddle blankets

What makes these swaddle blankets a top choice for many parents around the globe? Let's have a look at their advantages:

 Lightweight fabric:

Mothers pick this material over any other material for swaddling their babies because it is breathable and lightweight enough to keep their infants calm and safe. Since it blocks out any visual disturbance, it is a secret privacy cover for them. Even on summer days in Canada, your baby would feel cool because of its breathable and lightweight properties. 

Comfortable for delicate skin:

Your babies would easily feel the plush of muslin material on their sensitive skin for an unmatched sense of coziness, pleasure and calmness. We use organic muslin cotton to make baby swaddle blankets precisely, guaranteeing your little one the softest and most comfortable sleeping experience possible.

Extremely versatile:

Muslin is a perfect example of a fabric that is extremely adaptable. This is because it fits your child’s body perfectly and provides them with the highest comfort level. Wrapping your infant in the soft folds of a muslin blanket will result in longer and better sleep.


The durability of these swaddle blankets is what makes them a popular buy. Since babies are known for creating mess from leaky diapers, spit-up or food mishaps, these muslin blankets are durable enough to handle chaos and clutter. These can endure multiple washings, retaining their natural softness and perfect shape. Their texture gets softer and softer to the touch with every wash. 


Swaddling is a time-tested method that beautifully regenerates the calm surroundings of the womb, thus giving your newborns the feeling of security and comfort. Muslin swaddle blankets, which effortlessly strike the perfect balance between snug and breathable, guarantee maximum safety throughout this delicate procedure. This fabric's softness and light weight allow for unhindered hip and leg movement, which helps to reduce the risk of hip dysplasia or immobility.

Learning about all the benefits of a muslin blanket, you may be eager to buy the same as soon as possible. But there’s something you must pay consideration.

How to pick the right muslin baby blanket?

Here are some factors you must look at before you go online to buy the best swaddle blankets for your little one:

  • Right fabric: Muslin is known for its luxuriously smooth touch and airy composition, which provides an extremely gentle touch on sensitive skin while facilitating optimal ventilation to ward off excessive warmth. Opt for exclusively organic cotton muslin to experience the ultimate harmony of silkiness and airiness.
  • Shape and size: For crib use, 30" x 40" or 36" x 46" blankets work best since they fit the crib's measurements well and beautifully combine comfort and functionality.
  • Ease of use: Some blankets make swaddling easier for new parents, such as those with pre-sawn parts or user-friendly instructions. Look for blankets with extra features like loops and pockets that make attaching them to a stroller or car easier. 
  • Safety first: Avoid using blankets with too much padding or other decorations that could compromise your capacity to breathe. Select blankets with certifications from reputable organizations like OEKO-TEX or GOTS to ensure that harmful chemicals and dyes are absent.
  • Convenience: Muslin blankets can be used for baby burp clothes, nursing, tummy time assistance, and swaddling. Being able to meet your unique needs, you can choose a cloth weight that complements your style. 
  • Versatility: Muslin blankets can be used for baby burp clothes, nursing, tummy time assistance, and swaddling. Being able to meet your unique needs, you can choose a cloth weight that complements your style. 

The takeaway

With these benefits and factors in mind, we hope you can now make the right choice when planning your baby's comfort essentials. Head to The Snuggley now and buy the best baby clothing and accessories. We have everything you need to provide for your child. Get in touch with our team now!

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