What is the Right Pillow For Your Newborn?

As a parent, we search for safe and effective ways to soothe and comfort our little ones, especially when it comes to ensuring their peaceful sleep. 

Sleeping time is the best time for your kid to relax. So, when it comes to ensuring peaceful sleep, it is essential that whatever you choose for your baby is of high quality. From blankets to baby pillows for newborns

Though we read a lot about how to choose the blanket but, there is very little information about pillows.

So today, we will discuss pillows for newborns in detail.

Baby Pillow

When we talk about baby pillows for newborns, there is confusion among parents. Few wonder if it is safe to Let Your Baby Sleep with a Pillow. Others think about the right time to introduce a pillow to the baby, and so on.

Today, we will touch every aspect of the baby pillow and try to clear your doubts.

So, let’s get started!

Should You Use Pillow for Your Baby?

When it comes to buying a pillow, the first question arises: should you buy a pillow for your newborn?

The answer is, No! Especially regular baby pillows are not recommended for newborns. 

This is due to the fact that research indicates that the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) can be increased by up to 50% when a pillow is placed under the head of a newborn. This is because lifting a newborn's head on a pillow may result in an incorrect neck alignment and potentially restrict ventilation during sleep.

However, there is one pillow which is good for your newborn, what’s that?

Continue reading to learn!

Safe Pillow for Newborn

Mustard seed pillows, or mustard pillows for newborns or babies, have been used for generations to promote infant relaxation and well-being.

However, the mustard pillow is not something that all parents use, so there is another option for newborns: Baby Protective Pillow

It is quite popular among the parents of newborns, and the following are the reasons: 

  1. Soft and breathable material
  2. Helps prevent flat head syndrome
  3. Promotes healthy spinal alignment
  4. Adjustable straps
  5. Lightweight and portable for use.

But here comes another important question that many parents might have in mind:

What is the Right  Age to Introduce a Pillow to  Your Baby?

Though, the pillow you buy from the market comes with the description that says: Ideal for 6-5 months or 8-9 months.

But the reality is Before the age of one, anything introduced into the crib could pose a risk of suffocation. After the age of one, both the child’s brain and mobility should be developed enough to help protect their airways while they sleep adequately. 

So why put a pillow in your child's room as soon as they turn one?

Most babies between the ages of 12 and 18 months are still moving around in their cribs so much that they probably wouldn't even use a pillow just yet! It's not necessary to add a pillow right away, especially if it will only be pushed to the side. 

Remember, a clear crib is a safe crib. Parents should wait to give their child a pillow until they start to show signs that they want one. 

What you can do is, you can put a small stuffed animal or other soft comfort item in your baby's room where they sleep (after they turn one). If you see that they use it as a pillow on their own, that's a great sign that they're ready! 

Summary: Choosing the right products for your newborn, especially by keeping the quality in mind is quite challenging. The list of service providers who give special attention to quality is not quite long. 

That is the reason a newborn’s parents have to make a lot of effort to find a trustworthy store.

But no more worries now, because snuglley got the best quality products for your kids. All you need to do is explore our range now!

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