Happyflute Newborns Square Face Towels - 5pc/Set

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Happy flute Newborns Square Face Towels - 5pc/Set

Introducing the Happyflute Newborns Square Face Towels set from The Snuggley, designed to pamper your little one with the utmost tenderness. Crafted with premium materials, these face towels are gentle on delicate newborn skin, making them perfect for everyday use. Each towel boasts superior absorbency, ensuring quick and efficient drying after bath time or messy meal moments. The square design offers versatility, ideal for wiping tiny faces, and hands, or even for use as burp cloths. Keep your baby feeling fresh, clean, and oh-so-comfortable with this essential set of newborn face towels.

Happy Flute Newborns Square Face Towels Specifications:

  • Set Includes: 5 square face towels
  • Material: Soft and gentle fabric for delicate skin
  • Absorbency: High-quality material for quick drying
  • Versatility: Perfect for bath time, mealtime, or on-the-go clean-ups
  • Design: Square shape for easy handling and multi-purpose use

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