Lash Lift Lotion Eyelash baby 5 Bottles

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Lash Lift Lotion Eyelash Baby 5 Bottles

Unleash doll beauty with The Snuggley's 5 Bottles Lash Lift Lotion Eyelash Baby. This miniature lash lift lotion set is designed to enhance the lashes of your baby dolls during pretend play. The gentle formula ensures a safe and delightful curling experience, adding a realistic touch to your child's imaginative doll adventures. Crafted with care, each bottle provides an authentic lash lift effect for your baby dolls. Elevate playtime glamour with The Snuggley's Lash Lift Lotion – where even baby dolls deserve a touch of gentle curling.

Lash Lift Lotion Eyelash Baby 5 Bottles Specifications

  1. Quantity: 5 bottles for extended doll beauty play
  2. Formula: Gentle and safe for pretend lash lifting
  3. Realism: Designed for an authentic lash lift effect
  4. Compatibility: Suitable for enhancing baby dolls' lashes
  5. Brand: The Snuggley – Where doll beauty meets gentle playtime glamour.

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