Sponge Premium Baby Bath Accessories

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Sponge Premium Baby Bath Accessories

Introducing "The Snuggley" 3pcs Sponge Premium Baby Bath Accessories, a delightful addition to your baby care routine. Carefully crafted with love and expertise, this set of bath sponges is a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Originating from The Snuggley brand, these sponges boast a net weight of 3pcs, ensuring quality and durability. The model number, Bath Sponges, signifies their purpose with simplicity. Made from premium materials like seaweed cotton and filter net cotton, these sponges prioritize your baby's delicate skin. Elevate your baby's bath time with The Snuggley's commitment to quality and safety.

Sponge Premium Baby Bath Accessories Specifications

  • Quantity: 3pcs
  • Origin: The Snuggley
  • NET WT: 3pcs
  • Model Number: Bath Sponges
  • Ingredient: Seaweed cotton, filter net cotton

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